Core Jeet Kune Do Presents

Women’s Self-Defense 101 Seminar At Wendy Fit

  • "As a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Certified Defense Tactics Instructor, I have received advanced training from some of the best instructors out there. I can honestly say that I would put Shaun Rudie in this category."–- Deputy Gary Long

  • will be able to defend yourself and your loved ones in the most efficient and dependable method I have experienced.–Brian Gibson

  • I've never met anybody as patient as Shaun in a teaching environment. THAT is huge. He truly seems to want to help figure out why something isn't working for a person. He is a freaking master at that.–Anna Janosik


October 10th, 6PM-8PM


$20 Pre-registration

$25 At The Door


Wendy Fit

3438 East Lake Rd. Suite 19. Palm Harbor, FL 34685

East Lake Woodlands Plaza


What We Will Be Doing

We’ll show you why the standard knee or kick to the groin is not the most effective way to disable an attacker.
We will empower you with the techniques to disable an attacker quickly and efficiently. No bulls**t and none of the regurgitated stuff that just keeps making the rounds because few are able to step outside the box and figure out what really works in a potentially life-or-death situation – against resisting attackers.
This is important. Training for a resisting attacker is very different than what is typically seen in most self-defense classes, and it can mean the difference between life and death in a street confrontation, home invasion, etc.
This is our bread and butter.
Core Jeet Kune Do has been likened to one of the best keep “secrets” in Tampa Bay and have partnered with Wendy Fit to show you what makes sense, is functional, and doesn’t take the strength of a bull to apply.

 You'll get a little taste as to why Jeet Kune Do is sought after the world over by the military, law enforcement and even Hollywood.

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What To Bring

Comfortable, flexible clothing and the expectation of having fun.

Contact Core JKD for questions.

Phone: (813)-817-6229


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Phone: (727)-754-7840