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Kicking—Boxing—Clinch Range Tools

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I believe you're intelligent.

I believe you're seeking the truth.

I believe you're tired of what you've already seen and experienced in the martial arts.

I believe you're not interested in seeing another ego flexing to win your approval.

Techniques - everyone's got them, and a few of them even make sense....

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This ain't your traditional Wing Chun:
This Wing Chun Goes Anywhere

Finally, an Advanced Wing Chun that works against any attacker in ANY range - Including the ground!

Congratulations to Marco Hildebrandt for passing his certification to be the first Core JKD Instructor in Europe. 

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Core Jeet Kune Do Disciplines

All of our disciplines are meant to work regardless of your size or strength against single and multiple opponents with or without weapons. We train to defend against resisting attackers with an intent to harm or take your life.


Flexible and rigid weapons for hand-to-hand combat. Knife, stick, rope, anything that can be held in the hand and used as a blunt force or blood trauma weapon. We have one of the best weapons-defense training programs available.


Core JKD has an efficient kicking and boxing toolset and range functionality that, when put together, makes a devastating structure for combat and fluid range and attacking tool transitions.


Trapping range skills and elevated energy sensitivity training that allows you to fight blind once contact is made. Functional against any type of attacker from the ground range tactician up into the boxing range. CJKD Wing Chun greatly enhances all your other contact range functionality.


Going hand-in-hand with the trapping and CJKD boxing, the Clinch range has one of the most complete attacking and defending toolsets of any of the ranges. Nearly every fighting tool available on the human body is trained in this range. From short-range kicks and boxing, headbutts, biting, throws, binding of limbs, knees, elbows and numerous takedown defenses and attacks and more than this space allows to list. We've got you covered—against resisting opponents who have intent to harm. It's our bread and butter.


With energy sensitivity development from CJKD Wing Chun and a bold "don't care if it's never been done before" mentality, CJKD Groundfighting is not only surprisingly effective on the ground, but also on the transitions to get you back on your feet where you belong in a street fight—not the ground.


CJKD Street is barebones, harsh and functional against single and multiple opponents. It is built from the ground up because no one was doing it well enough for what we needed. We broke the barriers. We endured the pain. Now you have the benefit of that training.


Core Jeet Kune Do

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