1-Inch Punch and Battle Blast Video
1-Inch Punch and Battle Blast Video

This course will have you mastering the punch that is an efficient transfer of force into your opponent that shocks their system and can drop them where they stand. The punch Bruce Lee made famous.

You will be taken through a full course on how train for and execute the 1-Inch Punch and the Battle Blast. Step-by-step training as Ming would teach in person.

The 1-Inch Punch technique and training methods will make any punch you throw faster, more powerful and penetrating, and use less energy.

This is functional Rebel Wing Chun training for the absolute beginner with no training whatsoever. It is also for the skill boxer, Thai fighter, Silat practitioner, and yes, even the traditional Wing Chun stylist. Basically, it’s for anyone who needs to throw a punch with the most relaxed mechanics and speed their body can produce.

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