rebel wing chun volume 3
Rebel Wing Chun Volume 3

Rebel Wing Chun was formed to demonstrate an effectiveness using true Wing Chun functionality—the “essence” that makes Wing Chun so valuable—in ANY range where contact is established.

Rebel Wing Chun works effectively in the following:

On the ground against fighters disciplined in Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, shoot fighting

In the boxing and clinch range against:

  • Western boxers—real boxers, not watered down examples from a traditional mindset that has never actually fought boxers
  • Muay Thai fighters in the clinch
  • Shoot fighters and grapplers that know clinch-range dynamics
  • Judo and Aikido practitioners
  • Any contact range where a knife, stick or other weapon is drawn
  • Against a variety of “MMA” trained styles

We also deal with effectively getting into range from fighters skilled in the kicking range.

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Smaller Person vs Larger Attacker Self-Defense
Smaller Person vs Larger Attacker Self-Defense

The Smaller Person vs Larger Attacker Self-Defense Videos cover some of the most effective—and Core JKD Original—methods for dealing with attacks coming from a larger or stronger attacker.

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