rebel wing cun

  • Complete Fighting System

  • All Ranges - Including Ground

  • Wing Chun For The Real World

"This Wing Chun goes anywhere."

CJKD, Rebel Wing Chun Founder, Shaun Rudie

This isn't your traditional Wing Chun.

Rebel Wing Chun was developed to get away from all the purists who wish to dead-end the true benefits of Wing Chun. Those who wish to keep it in a state that can’t adapt to the rigors of attacks from grapplers, multiple opponents—at the same time—or weapons attacks.


This is not your traditional Wing Chun—for a reason: The traditional Wing Chun mindset is mired in ego and elitism, while lacking function in any range except the trapping range against other Wing Chun practitioners or the untrained individual.


Rebel Wing Chun was created to demonstrate an effectiveness using true Wing Chun functionality—the "essence" that makes Wing Chun so valuable—in ANY range where contact is established.


Rebel Wing Chun works effectively in the following:

On the ground against fighters disciplined in Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, shoot fighting

In the boxing and clinch range against:

Western boxers—real boxers, not watered down examples from a traditional mindset that has never actually fought boxers

Muay Thai fighters in the clinch

Shoot fighters and grapplers that know clinch-range dynamics

Judo and Aikido practitioners

Any contact range where a knife, stick or other weapon is drawn

Against a variety of "MMA" trained styles

We also deal with effectively getting into range from fighters skilled in the kicking range.