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Marco Hildebrandt - Kampfkunst

Core JKD Germany

European Headquarters for Core JKD, Rebel Wing Chun and Weapons

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Become a patron for as little as $1 a month and view content not shown anywhere else. Higher patreon levels are also available to become an instructor in Core JKD. Our patreon channel is also where we show more of our knife training applications.

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Core JKD Youtube

Our Youtube channel has gotten nearly 5 1/2 million views with almost 800 videos. It has nearly 40,000 subscribers and 80% of our viewers fall evenly in the 18-54 years old—a great range of unique knowledge seekers! 

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Core JKD Facebook

Our Facebook page has content from our training as well as our affiliate school, Core JKD Germany. It's a great place to see our friends overseas and how the Core JKD European headquarters trains under Instructor, Marco Hildebrandt.

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Erik Paulson


Ming has an assuring, supportive presence with a twist of challenge. He demands perfection, which can...
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Deputy Gary Long
Core Jeet Kune Do is one of the most realistic programs I have ever trained in. As a Florida Department...
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Eric M Knutson
Core JKD has made a huge impact in every aspect of my life. I am stronger, more focused… I trained...
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Joseph Zingale
Core JKD curriculum is by far the best practical, realistic system I’ve experienced. You will learn...
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Brain Gibson
Whatever the reason you have decided to train in the martial arts; self defense, health, or camaraderie,...
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Everything trained at Core JKD is done for a purpose. The curriculum is composed only of what works,...
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C. Mourousas
For the past several months I have witnessed firsthand the curriculum and personnel at the Core JKD program....
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Finding an instructor like Ming is a life-changing experience.  Having trained in other systems, I was...
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Jorge Bosch
Starting with Core JKD over this past summer with Ming has been great for me in regards to the strong...
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Josh "Saint" White
When I first came across the Core JKD studio in Tampa, it was by complete accident. I was delivering...
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The ultimate reason for me joining CoreJKD was to gain knowledge to better protect my family and myself....
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Burton Richardson
On our Core JKD Kicking and Boxing DVD: “Core JKD did an outstanding job. You should be proud of...
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