Marco Hildebrandt

Marco Hildebrandt

Ming is an all-embracing fighter and the bettest Instructor for realistic Martial Arts Training. He has such a kind way to communicate techniques and is an excellent observer who really knows what you need in order to improve yourself. Ming Continue Reading

Marco Hildebrandt

Brian Gibson

Brain Gibson

Whatever the reason you have decided to train in the martial arts; self defense, health, or camaraderie, you can find them all at Core JKD. But first and foremost you will be able to defend yourself and your loved ones Continue Reading

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Joseph Zingale

Core JKD curriculum is by far the best practical, realistic system I've experienced. You will learn how to defend yourself in any real world situation. I've practiced martial arts of some form on and off for years and I continue Continue Reading


Everything trained at Core JKD is done for a purpose. The curriculum is composed only of what works, dismissing unnecessary or inefficient methods. Shaun breaks down each lesson to instill a thorough understanding of the material, explaining the body mechanics, Continue Reading

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Doug Nguyen

At Core JKD, the instructors recognize that each movement/technique has a proper time and place which depends on the context of attack. They teach you WHY you need to move your body in such a way in addition to the Continue Reading

Anna Core JKD training


Ming has an assuring, supportive presence with a twist of challenge. He demands perfection, which can be intimidating at first, but the deeper meaning is that he believes everybody can reach his expectation. He doesn't give up on people, which Continue Reading

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Burton Richardson

On our Core JKD Kicking and Boxing DVD: "Core JKD did an outstanding job. You should be proud of putting out such a quality product. The explanations are concise, touching on main points that make the development of a technique Continue Reading

Chad Training CJKD


Finding an instructor like Ming is a life-changing experience.  Having trained in other systems, I was completely unprepared for Core JKD.  With all due respect, most systems spend 95% of their time training techniques that will work about 1% of Continue Reading

C. Mourousas

For the past several months I have witnessed firsthand the curriculum and personnel at the Core JKD program. I personally am well verse in many styles and approaches of various self-defense systems. Core JKD displays in my opinion, the only Continue Reading

Josh "Saint" White and Ming - Core JKD

Josh “Saint” White

When I first came across the Core JKD studio in Tampa, it was by complete accident. I was delivering pizza at the time, trying to stockpile as much cash as I could to support my family. On one particular delivery Continue Reading

Eric Knutson

Eric M Knutson

Core JKD has made a huge impact in every aspect of my life. I am stronger, more focused... I trained for many years under Ed Maley at the iconic Florida School of Judo, so when I set out to find Continue Reading

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Jay Leslie, M.A.

I have found the training and teaching methods in Core JKD to be of the highest quality for the martial artist who wishes to add more realistic skills to his or her self-protection toolbox. The pragmatic principles of Core JKD Continue Reading

Gary Long Sparring Shaun Rudie

Deputy Gary Long

Core Jeet Kune Do is one of the most realistic programs I have ever trained in. As a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Certified Defense Tactics Instructor, I have received advanced training from some of the best instructors out there. Continue Reading

Jorge training core

Jorge Bosch

Starting with Core JKD over this past summer with Ming has been great for me in regards to the strong instruction and guidance regarding the art itself along side the friendly people I've had the privilege to develop with. Instruction Continue Reading


The ultimate reason for me joining CoreJKD was to gain knowledge to better protect my family and myself. I'm passionate about a more intense art form to share with my son. So basically I found what I was looking for.  Continue Reading