Stop Punching High! Sparring and Fighting Fear

One of the interesting things you will see from people who are not professional boxers is their continual desire to punch over the other person’s arms while their heads are back to keep their faces out of harm’s way. And … Read More

How To Relax In Martial Arts (or any) Class

Relaxation is aided by a reduction in tension caused by fear. For martial arts classes, this comes down not only to researching the instructor and their interaction with students but also knowing your expectations and eliminating those that interfere with … Read More

Core JKD Secrets Of Training

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Last week I received a question from YouTube subscriber, Timonsaylor:   I have to ask: how do you organize training around so many different arts and tactics? Seems like kicking/boxing/trapping/grappling/weapons/range transitioning would be a lot to swallow as far as … Read More

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