May 2-3rd, 2020 - Germany

Marco Hildebrandt and Kampfkunst Lüneburg will be hosting Shaun Rudie for a Core JKD seminar

Check out Core JKD European Headquarters here.

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What A Core JKD Seminar Brings To You

Core JKD is innovative in its methods for ingraining fight skill mastery. Sifu Rudie has unique technical knowledge of functional techniques in all ranges of hand-to-hand combat.
Skill Level
We Teach Novice to Advanced Specialists
Ground • Clinch • Trapping • Boxing • Kicking • Weapons
Weapons Training
Stick / Short Staff • Rope / Flexible Weapons • Dagger / Knife • Karambit / Recurve Karambit • Any Handheld Object
Energy Sensitivity • Dominant Range Control • Weapon Retention Under Stress • Single and Multiple Attackers • Dynamic Stability Against Resistance • Any Range—Any Tool • Optimum Physical Conditioning

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