Bruce Lee imageContrary to some perspectives, Jeet Kune Do is not simply adding techniques you like from other systems, mixing them into your own, and then calling it JKD.

Jeet Kune Do, as put forth by Bruce Lee, was his personal growth and expression in the combative arts based on his own research and development.

It was his effort to achieve his most truthful, relevant, physical expression in the combat.

It was a living process of paring down—not adding—of techniques and methodologies for training for function.

This meant he had to get rid of those things that were an impediment to this goal—including systems and the dogma associated with them.

Generally, there were two version of Bruce Lee the world saw. One was his Hollywood presentation. The other was his deep involvement as an innovator in the philosophy of training and fighting.

He had the double-edged sword of presenting to a large audience flashy techniques and movements that he personally understood were not, perhaps, practical in fighting encounters.

The theatrical versions of Bruce Lee led some to take his personal development as a martial arts innovator less seriously.

But there were others who did understand his greater depth and bold genius. And, for the most part, his legacy in this area continues. Thanks to the efforts of people like Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee’s spirit lives.