C. Mourousas

February 4, 2016

For the past several months I have witnessed firsthand the curriculum and personnel at the Core JKD program. I personally am well verse in many styles and approaches of various self-defense systems. Core JKD displays in my opinion, the only real world fundamentals for a practical no nonsense approach for personal protection and safety that I have encountered.

Coupled with realistic theories and wisdom stemming from his personal martial art studies, founder Shaun Rudie Is a down to earth person with great practical vision. Shaun eliminates misconceptions of unrealistic approaches and dangerous self-defense situations. Studies with Mr Rudie will not focus on beautiful flashy sport martial arts, instead it is designed for real world situations, that any of us could find ourselves engage in at any given moment. Self-realization, fitness aspirations and spiritual awareness are just a few of the enhancements which are focused on, catered for any age or existing fitness conditions or limitations.

I believe it is a vital necessity to take advantage of such a gift / opportunity that Core JKD has to offer. Please don’t close your eyes to the decline of morality and respect flourishing in the world today. We won’t know what the days to come will hold for us personally. I trust deeply in the guidance of Shaun Rudie of Core JKD both to myself and my loved ones. Let’s unite, grow stronger, more patient, and wiser together.