Core Jeet Kune Do Standard videos

These videos detail Core JKD techniques and methods to make techniques work. 

If you are interested in gaining an understanding of a particular range, tool, or method for defense against single and multiple opponents, with and without weapons, these are the videos for you. 


More will be added, please bear with us, we have been experiencing a rather large growth period and are revamping our product lines. We are working hard to complete more videos with high quality information and will post them here as soon as we get them out.

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CoreJKD conditioning exercise video

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This Conditioning video is filled with almost 120 minutes of conditioning exercises that we use to keep in fight shape!

Ming guides you through the exercises with simple steps to help you perfect whole-body strengthening drills quickly.

These drills form the foundation of the Core JKD fight conditioning training. 

Contains over 50 detailed conditioning exercises for MMA, any martial artist or person wanting to increase their power, speed and endurance while building FUNCTIONAL skills for fighting.

Core JKD striking tools video

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Are you tired of not knowing how to strike effectively? Is your foundation wrong? Are you setting up your kicks and punches properly?

The Core JKD Striking Tools videos will help you.

Each video details the striking tool techniques for their range. You will know precisely how to throw the punch or set up for the kicks and deliver them with speed and power. 

There are 34 videos in this group giving you 2 1/2 hours of video on the striking tools we use in our Core JKD kicking and boxing range.

As usual, we teach tools used for functional fighting in the street, the Core JKD way. We demonstrate how we set up the striking tools for the best effect in a fight.

Click on the image above to get the full listing of tools trained. 

Hair pulling defense video

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Have you ever had your hair used against you in a fight?

Have you seen the online video showing fights that end terribly because someone was able to gain control of their opponent's hair and smash their head on the ground?


This video set shows you exactly how to defend yourself when someone grabs your hair in a fight - Standup or on the Ground!


You will learn how to control and defeat an attacker who grabs your hair standing or when they are on top of you and you are helplessly on your back. 

This is a two video set. 

As with every Core JKD video, I don't waste your time talking for 30 minutes before I show you anything. I value your time—I value mine. 

We get right to the action and the details that will make you effective in a fight by SHOWING it to you.

Core JKD video surviving attacks from behind

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You can’t see your attacker. The attacker comes from behind and secures you in a choke and drags you backward off your feet.

How do you escape?

What if your attacker has a knife at your throat in the same scenario?

How do you render the attack harmless?

An attacker chokes you against a wall, a post, the ground.

Do you know how to release the choke and make the attacker wish they had picked on someone else?

If you’ve taken martial arts before, have you worked your techniques against resisting opponents, or do you go through the same method as follows that so many martial art systems use?: Attacker holds the attack while you work your magic.

How realistic is that?

An attacker has intent, do you train with intent—and the following changes in movement and physics—as part of your curriculum, or do you do what looks good on the surface because no one else has thought to question how things have always been done?

We question and we distill for you what works.

We’ve done the work (hard work) for you—against resisting opponents. Our methods work regardless of your size or strength.

The Core JKD Surviving Attacks from Behind is the essential DVD/Video for realistic escapes from:

• Standing chokes

• Body wraps

• Wrist grabs and controls

• Chokes against walls

• Knife attacks from behind

and more, including several front attack escapes and controls.

The video is taught in a private training mode with great attention to detail. You will not be left with any question on how to perform a technique against a resisting opponent!

All movements are done in progression, building up from an essential foundation so that the method, and the techniques, work.

We specialize in this. This stuff is our bread and butter and we have helped law enforcement, military, and the average person with absolutely no training whatsoever.