Core JKD Shaun "Ming" Rudie TeachingI believe you're intelligent.

I believe you're seeking the truth.

I believe you're tired of what you've already seen and experienced in the martial arts.

I believe you're not interested in seeing another ego flexing to win your approval.

Techniques - everyone's got them, and a few of them even make sense. 

We help you make techniques work—the right techniques at the right time. 

Unique tools, techniques, and methodologies developed from over 20 years of research makes Core JKD stand intelligently apart.

There is a structure to Core JKD. Its movements are direct, simple (not necessarily easy, but simple), and align to the physics of the human body and the environment in which we may find ourselves.

Your emotions, conditioning, focus, flexibility, strength, speed, etc., are the components that help define how you deal with an attacker in any physical confrontation in any particular location.

If you do not train to deal with any of these components, the likelihood is that you will succumb to the weaknesses inherent in them.

It is my goal that your weaknesses will not define you.


There is a foundation.

The foundation is you, the creating individual. It requires your physical, mental, and emotional investment in something that will literally change your life—your perspective on what is personally possible.


This site is to help you start asking questions, instead of taking things as truth just because someone says they are—even if that someone is me. I have a particular depth of knowledge and experience, but I'd rather you question me to explore that depth than to just blindly follow me. 

Our drive at Core JKD is to educate you in the things other people either don't know, don't understand, or don't give a damn to research.

Question our methods and we'll back them up with well-researched experience.


We'll tell you the why and how because we actually know the why and how.


We aren't just regurgitating the past and trying to force it on the future—especially if it doesn't apply to your growth and understanding.


That is the message of Core JKD and its founder, Shaun "Ming" Rudie.