conditioning exercises
CoreJKD Conditioning Exercises Vol. 1

This Conditioning video is filled with 120 minutes of conditioning exercises that we use in Core JKD as a foundation to keep us in fight shape!

Do you ever think the following?:

 “I’d love to take that (martial art, self-defense, bootcamp) class, but I’d have to get in shape for it first, so I don’t kill myself or end up looking like I’m about to die in front of everyone else in the place.”

If so, then this training video is for you.

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hair pulling defense video training
Hair-Pulling Defense

This video set shows you exactly how to defend yourself when someone grabs your hair to control you in a fight – Standup or on the Ground!

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survive attacks from behind
Surviving Attacks From Behind


The Core JKD Surviving Attacks from Behind is the essential DVD/Video for realistic escapes from:

• Standing chokes

• Body wraps

• Wrist grabs and controls

• Chokes against walls

• Knife attacks from behind

and more, including several front attack escapes and controls.


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