Was Bruce Lee Wrong?

Methods of fighting have changed over the years. This is something that has to occur in a species that evolves according to stresses encountered. We adapt in the best way we can with the knowledge we have and the experience … Read More

How To Train Knee To Groin Self-Defense

This is to address the issue of how to train properly for groin strikes in self defense.   Those of you who follow my YouTube channel may have seen how I “disassemble” and basically call out those people who tell … Read More

Core JKD Secrets Of Training

Last week I received a question from YouTube subscriber, Timonsaylor:   I have to ask: how do you organize training around so many different arts and tactics? Seems like kicking/boxing/trapping/grappling/weapons/range transitioning would be a lot to swallow as far as … Read More

Why Train High Kicks?

 Here’s a question for Core JKD.Why would you train high kicks or kicks that seem flashy when you are about street defense and life-and-death survival? My reply is very simple: because I also train people who wish to go into competition … Read More

How to Inspire

Inspiration moves usInspiration can come from being frustrated by something that goes against our grain.It can come from something that meshes with you and lifts you to another level by clarifying or simplifying your own expression.It can come from someone … Read More

10 Tips To Keep You Strong And Energized For Training

Anyone who has participated in our bootcamp classes understands that they are unique and an incredible draw on all your muscles and energy resources through a wide range of movement. Our bootcamp exercises are designed to support fighting, not looking good—even if that is … Read More